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Clicgear 1 to 3.5+ Accessories

We have found 14 items matching your search query.

CLICGEAR - Booster Clip (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5+)

The Clicgear® Booster Clip can help boost up stand bags or tour bags that need more clearance above the front wheel.


CLICGEAR, Tri-fold Golf Towel - With Unique Cleaning Pad

  The Clicgear TOWEL is designed to snap right on to the Towel Clips on your Clicgear. Made from Quality micro fibre material with the added bonus of a built in scour pad for club cleaning


CLICGEAR, Trolley Storage Hook - Great Accessory for Storing your Golf Trolley

The Clicgear™ STORAGE HOOK is a great way to hang your Clicgear Cart out of the way when not in use.


CLICGEAR, Shoe Cleaning Brush - Great Accessory For Mud, Grass and Frost

Here's a great accessory to go with your Clicgear trolley - a very simple but great idea. Sturdy Bristles for Cleaning Golf Shoe / Golf Club During your Round Attaches to Go


CLICGEAR, Trolley Wheel Cover - Great Accessory - Helps Keep Your Car Boot Clean

Don't get let your car boot get muddy and dirty after the round. Here's a great accessory to go with your Clicgear trolley - a very simple but effective cover that just slips over the wheels of t


CLICGEAR, Replacement Umbrella Tube

Lost your Clicgear Umbrella tube that normally clicks under the handle? Easily screws into the umbrella holder mount on handle and includes umbrella tie down strap. Cheaper than spending £20+ o


CLICGEAR, Tour Bag Bottom Support- also for keeping bag clear of Hedgehog Wheels

The Clicgear Tour Bag Bottom Bracket can quickly be installed to allow larger tour bags with front shoe pockets to adapt and fit on the Clicgear carts, models 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5+. Also if you ar


CLICGEAR, Trolley Winter Mittens - Keeps Your Hands Warm and Dry

Here's a really useful Clicgear accessory, which will actually work on any trolley with a "tubular" handle Not only will these gloves help keep your hands warm and dry during win


CLICGEAR, Tour Bag Kit - allows a Tour Bag to fit properly on the Clicgear Cart

  The Clicgear® Tour Bag Kit allows for tour bags to fit on the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Carts. The Clicgear® Tour Bag Kit can quickly be installed to allow larger tour ba


CLICGEAR, Cooler Bag - Great Accessory - Attaches Easily to Clicgear Trolley

Here's a great new Clicgear accessory The Clicgear COOLER BAG is designed to allow for the storage of cold drinks as well as a few snacks while on the course. Holds up to six cans in the low


CLICGEAR, Cart Seat - Great Accessory - Even a 5 hour round becomes bearable!

Here's a great new Clicgear accessory that will really help when you are on one of those medal rounds that just seems to be going on and on! The Clicgear seat allows you to sit down and relax on


CLICGEAR, Trolley Bag and Cover - Protect your Cart with Quality Travel Bag

This is a New Clicgear Trolley Bag which is suitable for all models - perfect for the safe storage of your trolley either in your boot, or on your travels. As with all Clicgear accessories, this is


CLICGEAR, Set of 3 Hedgehog Wheels - Avoid the Winter Trolley Ban

  Here's a great Clicgear accessory to help you keep using your Clicgear trolley when many greenkeepers now insist upon hedgehog fairway protectors during the inclement winter months. I


CLICGEAR, Wheel Kit - Customise or Refresh Your Cart - Fits all Models - 4 Colours

  The CLICGEAR Replacement Wheel Kit Replacement Wheel Kits - now available in several colours (select colour from drop down box above). Customise or give your Clicgea