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Clicgear Universal Accessories (fit most Brands)

We have found 17 items matching your search query.

CLICGEAR, Universal Ball Clip

The Clicgear Ball Clip allows you to easily store 3 balls from the accessory tabs on your Clicgear cart.


CLICGEAR - Umbrella Spacer *NEW*

The Clicgear Spacer is designed to increase the height of all umbrella mounted accessories.


CLICGEAR, Tri-fold Golf Towel - With Unique Cleaning Pad

  The Clicgear TOWEL is designed to snap right on to the Towel Clips on your Clicgear. Made from Quality micro fibre material with the added bonus of a built in scour pad for club cleaning



The Clicgear® GPS Watch Holder is the best way to keep your GPS watch visible, safe and accessible when it’s not on your wrist.


CLICGEAR, Trolley Cup Holder Plus - useful extra drink storage

Here's a great Clicgear accessory The Clicgear cup holder attaches to your trolley to provide storage for your drink on the course, and is able to expand so that it can securely hold most drinks co


CLICGEAR Cup Holder XL - larger (up to 1.5lt bottle) drink storage

Here's a great Clicgear accessory The Clicgear XL cup holder attaches to your trolley to provide extra large storage (up to 1.5 litre bottles) compared to the standard Clicgear cup holder, and is


CLICGEAR, Replacement Umbrella Tube

Lost your Clicgear Umbrella tube that normally clicks under the handle? Easily screws into the umbrella holder mount on handle and includes umbrella tie down strap. Cheaper than spending £20+ o


CLICGEAR, Universal Club Brush

The Clicgear Club Brush is an easy way to keep your club face clean.


CLICGEAR, Steering Knob - Make Easy Work of Controlling Your Trolley with 1 Hand

  The Clicgear steering knob has been designed to make turning with a golf cart much easier. It features an ergonomic design and is convenient for both right and left handed golfers. The k


CLICGEAR, Golf Insulated Drinks Bag / Cooler Tube - Hot or Cold Drinks

Here's a great Clicgear accessory: The Clicgear INSULATED DRINKS BAG is designed to allow for the storage of a large cold drinks  bottle, or hot flask for the cooler months while on the course.


CLICGEAR, Trolley Winter Mittens - Keeps Your Hands Warm and Dry

Here's a really useful Clicgear accessory, which will actually work on any trolley with a "tubular" handle Not only will these gloves help keep your hands warm and dry during win


CLICGEAR, Golf Accessory / Rangefinder Bag - keeps everything safe and handy

Here's a really useful Clicgear accessory The Clicgear Accessory Bag is great for protecting all your golfing accessories, giving you quick and easy access to whatever you need. It is made from


CLICGEAR, Golf Bag Rain Cover - Clicgear quality to keep Bags and Clubs Dry

  The Clicgear® Golf Bag Rain Cover quickly installs to keep your bag dry in wet weather. The Clicgear® Golf Bag Rain Cover is made from double lightweight waterproof


CLICGEAR, Adjustable Angle Umbrella Holder

  The Clicgear® Umbrella Adjuster provides extra height and adjustment for your umbrella. The Clicgear® Umbrella Adjuster easily adjusts the angle and direction of your cart umbrella.



The Clicgear® Bag Cozy is is designed to better secure all sizes of stand bags within the clicgear strap system.



The Clicgear® Shaft is designed to provide added crush protection to your golf clubs while travelling.


CLICGEAR, Premium 68" Umbrella - 3 great designs - Ideal for Rain or Sun

  As you would expect from Clicgear, these are really excellent, large (68") premium umbrellas that are perfectly designed for your Clicgear trolley. RRP is £37.99. Three colours are a