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CLICGEAR, Replacement Umbrella Tube

Lost your Clicgear Umbrella tube that normally clicks under the handle? Easily screws into the umbrella holder mount on handle and includes umbrella tie down strap. Cheaper than spending £20+ o


UMBRELLA, Dual Canopy 60" Span (Various Colours)

These are brand new 60inch span Dual Canopy windproof golf umbrellas in a range of great colours and designs.


CLICGEAR, Adjustable Angle Umbrella Holder

  The Clicgear® Umbrella Adjuster provides extra height and adjustment for your umbrella. The Clicgear® Umbrella Adjuster easily adjusts the angle and direction of your cart umbrella.


CHAMP Hurricane Golf 62" Golf Umbrella

The CHAMP Hurricane Golf Umbrella is a 62” square double canopy with automatic opening. It is extremely lightweight and durable for any weather conditions.


CLICGEAR, Premium 68" Umbrella - 3 great designs - Ideal for Rain or Sun

  As you would expect from Clicgear, these are really excellent, large (68") premium umbrellas that are perfectly designed for your Clicgear trolley. RRP is £37.99. Three colours are a